Monday, June 11, 2012

Zoo Miami!

 Granny passed away on Friday the 25th. On Saturday we made the preparations for our trip to Miami to attend the services and to see family. We headed out at 4:30 Sunday morning. Finally, after driving for 11 hours for two days straight - over 22 hours in a van, we finally made it to Miami, FL on Monday, May 28th. We had dinner at Grandpa's house and then crashed at the hotel, totally exhausted. On Tuesday, my mom, cousin Sarah and Byron took Grandpa to his doctor's appointments. Grandpa has been retaining a lot of fluid, his kidneys are not functioning well, and he just came home from a long stay in the hospital the week before we arrived, so there were a lot of questions that needed to be answered. Byron volunteered to go along since he has such a strong medical background, he knows what questions to ask. The rest of the family was needed for the final preparations for Granny's services. So that left me and the kids in a strange city all by ourselves!! We decided to spend the day at the Zoo Miami!

We were having a really good time....

We played on animal sculptures...

Dug for dinosaur bones...

And even got to play with some animals:

(Notice Selah's timidity - she really isn't a big animal fan)

We even learned that this is actually a dinosaur:

We saw a few of our favorite animals:

And even found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

( I photoshopped the rainbow in - but the gold was really there!)

Unfortunately, after seeing about half of the zoo, it started POURING! Mig made me carry him because he wasn't liking the rain. Selah begged me to let her dance in the rain the night before, yet cried her eyes out as we were rained on at the zoo. We were quite the crew! So, we made our way, sopping wet to the exit. We headed into the souvenier shop where they each made a small purchase and the rain let up long enough to get to the van.


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