Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

On Thursday, May 31st, Grandpa turned 85 years old! We had a little birthday celebration for him on Wednesday because it was my sister, Amanda's last day to be in Miami.

The word had gotten out that Grandpa needed new shirts - and so almost everyone bought him shirts! He is now the best dressed man in his apartment complex!

Selah and my cousin, Sarah, watching the opening of the gifts:

Such a handsome 85 year old!

Grandpa had requested Granny's recipe for "Pig-Lickin' Cake". I think all of the aunts helped out to make it for him.

We had to get a group shot - so I set the camera up and set up the timer - what a crew! In the back from left to right is my cousin Ryan, his girlfriend Yahira, Sarah's boyfriend George, my sister Amanda, Byron, and Uncle Ernest. In the middle is My cousin Sarah, Aunt Jackie, Aunt Barbie, Aunt Sherri. The next row down is Me, my Momma, Grandpa, Dad G. and Aunt Claire (Granny's sister). Then Gabe and Selah - Mig was asleep in the back. Whew!!

It was a nice celebration for a special guy! Love ya, Grandpa!!
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