Thursday, June 14, 2012

More Pictures from Miami

Here are more pictures and memories from our Miami trip.

There is a huge family of ducks at Grandpa's apartment building and the kids had a great time feeding them.

I wished I had my cell phone with me at this time....I wanted to send my sister (mother of triplets) a picture of this momma duck and her 16 ducklings and say "And you thought you had your hands full!! Ha!! They were adorable and obediently followed Mama wherever she went.

Selah loved cuddling with Aunt Claire who my kids lovingly call "Nanny".

Grandpa needed a little help opening gifts at his party....good thing my kids are proficient gift openers!!

It seemed like we drove FOREVER until we saw palm trees. Once we spotted them - they were all over the place. Palm trees just feel like vacation. These are right outside Grandpa's apartment.

I love the moon in this shot!

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