Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Field Trip

Last week the kids and I headed out to the Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area (LLELA) to take a hike! It went along perfectly with the Science Unit we had just covered - Biomes (areas of the world that have the same temperature, amount of rainfall, kind of soil and habitats). The LLELA has grasslands, wetlands, and forest areas that you can hike through.

Luckily the trails were are all pretty smooth, so our double stroller rolled easily along - both Mig and Selah needed to hop on every once in awhile to take a break from walking.

Aren't they precious?!?

About half-way through the Cottonwood Trail there is an 1850's restored log cabin that you can walk through. The kids loved this part of the hike!

If you are wondering why Gabe has my phone in all of the pictures, it is because he was our trail guide! I had downloaded the Every Trail Ap which tracked our progress. He could look at the phone and know which way to go and how much farther we had. He took his job very seriously. At various times during our hike he would exclaim, "According to my calculations we are abou to turn to the left." or "According to my calculations we are very close the log cabins." It was quite adorable! 

My cutie patootie:

There are more scenic pictures on my photography blog (which I plan to update more often - hopefully). You can view them at

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