Friday, May 18, 2012

Cinco de Mayo Celebration

We had such a fun time celebrating Cinco de Mayo earlier this month!

It has become a tradition for us to make these simple brown bag pinatas. We incorporated it into our art time this year. They are so simple and fun for the kids to make!

Have the kids grab a few handfuls of candy and throw them in the bag. Fill the bag the rest of the way with crumpled news paper (we actually used scrap paper). Reinforce the opening with some clear packing tape and punch a hole on each side over the tape. Thread some string or yarn through the holes to close up the bag and to hang the pinata. Cut various tissue paper colors into 2 inch strips and then fringe the edges. Glue the top of the fringe around the bag starting at the bottom and overlapping the fringes a bit. Continue to the top of the bag and glue some long streamers on the bottom of the bag.

The best part, of course, is beating the pinata until it breaks!!

Mig joined in this year!

Our library threw a Family Cinco de Mayo celebration that we attended that evening. The Spanish teacher in me had a BLAST!! The kids made tissue paper flowers:

They ate traditional Mexican snacks - pan dulce, chips and various salsa, and galletas

They made "real" pinatas (out of paper mache):

And there was even Spanish music and a park to play on!

Best of all, lots of fun memories were made!!
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