Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Special outfit!

Byron's mom passed away from kidney cancer in 1997. Byron was 18 years old and just a few months away from graduating from high school. I didn't know Betty very well, but I was able to spend some time with her before she died. I do know that she really liked to sew and craft. When Byron's Dad gave Byron and I their house, he also gave me all of Betty's crafting supplies. I never really got around to going throug it all (there was a LOT of stuff!) . Then, when we moved to Colorado, we hired movers to pack all of our things. In Colorado we had a small storage room off of our garage and we decided to store some boxes in there to "unpack later". Betty's craft supplies were part of those boxes. We never got around to unpacking those boxes in Colorado and when we moved to Fort Worth, we just stored most of our things in a seperate garage because we didn't have room for everything in our little apartment. Again, the craft box did not get unpacked.

Our move here has been the first time we haven't had the option to store things, so everything got unpacked. Finally, the crafting supplies were opened and gone through. I remember that for awhile, Betty and her sister Tupee were having the best time making  "Time-out" or "Pouty" dolls that, when finished, looked like 2 year olds standing in the corner. In the craft box was materials to make a doll - including an outfit to dress it in. Well, it just so happened that the outfit is the perfect size for our little doll!

I pulled out the little outfit and told Selah about Grandma Serna and how she bought this outfit for a doll, but she can wear it and think of Her grandma in heaven.

Selah is so proud of this outfit. Since I unpacked (and washed) it, she has worn it at least once a week....and I can't help but think that her grandma smiles each time she puts it on.

It's not everyday you get a gift from heaven.
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