Monday, February 6, 2012

Selah is learning to read!

 On one of the days leading up to Christmas, Selah came into my room with her Bible story book and a confused look on her face and asked in her sweet, soft voice, "Mommy, will you please teach me how to read?" Who could say no to that request!?! So I promised her that when we started school back up in our new house, that I would start teaching her how to read!

During the last year and a half since I have been schooling Gabe, Selah also wants "school work" to do. So she and I have been working on letter recognition and sound/letter correspondence. Letter recognition did not come as easily to her as it did to Gabe, but she can now identify all of the letters and knows their sounds, too! We mainly used the great FREE printables from Confessions of a Homeschooler. Selah absolutely LOVED the activities from that site. We also used worksheets from Kidzone to fill in some of our days.

Now that she knows her letters and sounds we have moved on to a phonics program. I love the FREE resources from Progressive Phonics. You sign up for free and get printable booklets and activities.
On Monday we will read the booklet together and go over the sounds being worked on.
Tuesdays we do a sound worksheet that comes in the activity pack and re-read the story.
Wednesday we do a handwriting activity
Thursday we do this cut and paste activity. She uses shapes to make the letters we are working on and the letters to make the words. 

I never print the booklets. I download them on our iPad and we read them from there and we read the story each day. I read the black words and she reads the red.

On Friday we do flashcards with all of the words she has learned and she bulds the words with the letters she knows.

On Friday we also review some of the past week's stories.

She is doing so well and is so excited at starting to read!! GO SELAH!
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