Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mishevious Mig

A lot of people wonder what Mig does while I am homeschooling Gabe (and Selah). Well....I have been keeping my camera handy this past week to catch him in action. To sum it up, Mig finds mischief and he is very good at it!

He pulls out various game pieces and scatters them here and there (and everywhere):

He starts out coloring a picture, but then decides that it is actually more fun to throw the crayons on the floor:

If you look in the background of the above picture you will notice a small, purple arm-chair turned over. A few minutes before I took the picture he had knocked the chair over and was standing on it to reach my printer. He loves to turn my printer on and off - it makes a wonderful chime sound! He also loves to reach inside the printer and take all of the paper out to join the game pieces and crayons on the floor.

He has also found out that if he pushes the button on the carbon monoxide detector, it will make a shrill alarm that scares everyone in the room:

"What, Mom? I would never do something like that!"

Of course, most of the time when I hold up the camera I get this "cheeeeese" face:

Or this one:

Or this one (he really loves hamming it up for the camera):

He keeps me on my toes all day long! But he is also a sweetheart and a cuddle-bug (he gives the best hugs EVER) and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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