Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Big Bubble Building

On the Friday of Spring Break we picked out some fancy clothes for the kids and told them we were going out for dinner someplace fancy, but it was a surprise. 

Every time we drive to or through Dallas, the kids point out the Reunion Tower. When Selah was a toddler she liked a show on Nickelodeon called Bubble Guppies. In one episode, the students go on a field trip to a Reunion Tower like building in the city called "The Big Bubble Building". So that is what they have always called the Reunion Tower. When they noticed it this trip Byron said, "We should go there sometime. Like - TODAY!" Squeals erupted from the back of the van! 

The restaurant is a Wolfgang Puck restaurant called Five Sixty and it makes a full revolution every hour.

The food was so good! 

It was pretty cloudy, but the views were still pretty cool!

Sibling secrets. :)

It was a fun and memorable night!! 

The servers and waitstaff all complimented the kids' behavior. Let me tell you, we are completely blessed with some awesome children!! 

We had such a good time! Maybe we will do the Tower of Americas in San Antonio next! 

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