Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Monster Good Time!

On April 1st the triplets turned 5! They had the most fun birthday, ever! 

All three of them love the Hotel Transylvania movies and so they had a monster dress up party at a hotel! How awesome is that?!?

Even the grown-ups (well most of them) dressed up! 

Natalia was a werewolf, Charli was a monster bride, and Adrik was a vampire. So CUTE!

There were pillows on the floor, popcorn to eat and the movie projected on a wall. 

And I can't forget the donuts! Talk about a "sweet tooth"!

The hotel also had swans, and so they had packages of swan food for all the kids to feed them. 

I found out it was a costume party the Thursday before the party - and we were leaving to go down the next day! Our invitation didn't get delivered for some reason. So Thursday afternoon I ran to our costume trunk and started digging. Luckily we had things that would work with a few little adjustments! 

Here are my little monsters: 

Faith made the sassiest little pink monster ever. This was a full body suit that was about 3 sizes too small, but I cut off the arms and legs and made them into cuffs and leg warmers.

Gabe was a pirate skeleton. He was Jack Sparrow for Halloween this year, so I just made a skeleton mask from felt to make it into a monster-ish costume. 

Selah was a ghost. She already had all of this costume in her box thanks to hand-me downs from a sweet friend!

Mig was the Grimm Reaper. He actually wears this costume around the house on a pretty regular basis, so he was excited to wear it out of the house! 

We had a cape and a mask for Byron from when he played the villain at Gabe's 4th birthday party. I had an angel of death dress. I added a black cape and a witches hat and it made a great witch costume. 

Here are all of the kids:

We arrived at Mom's house the night before the party and were greeted by surprise visitors! Aunt Jackie and Uncle Ernest came up from Florida and my sister Amanda came up from Houston! They were really there for Dad G's 60th birthday, but came prepared for the Monster Party, too! SO FUN! 

Here is our monster family. Amanda has the puffy blue monster hat, Jackie has the green monster hat, Ernest is in the back with the furry horn hat, Barb has the crazy rainbow mask (I LOVE IT) and the Cookie Monster in front is the triplets' other aunt, Lizzie. Rachel is a werewolf and Mom and I are witches. What a group!

It is not often you can get a group of grownups to dress up like this: 

It really was a super fun party for kids and grownups alike! 

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