Wednesday, April 27, 2016


April 1st was a busy day! Not only was it the Triplets' 5th birthday, it was Dad G's (AKA -Pop-Pop's) 60th Birthday! 

Mom and I decided it would be a racing theme because he likes the races - but also because of his big surprise present. Mom, Amanda, Jackie and I had so much fun decorating for the big event!

 After the triplets' fun hotel costume party, we headed back to Mom and Dad G's house for the 60th party. We had sandwiches and then opened presents. 

The first present contained the BIG surprise...

Tickets to the Duck Commander 500 race!!

And the biggest part of the surprise was that there were tickets for all of the boys of the family and Amanda!! I had kept the secret from Gabe - here is his face when he realized he would be going to the race, too!!

 Many of his gifts went along with the race theme, like toilet paper from Amanda. This was a little inside joke. When Amanda was little he would take her to the races, but make a stop in the bathroom for toilet paper to stuff in her ears because he always forgot the ear plugs!

To make the celebration even more fun, we had surprise guests! Jackie and Ernest came up from Miami to help celebrate. They also brought a special gag gift...

 There used to be a fake poop that was passed around at birthdays and Christmas, but over the years, it has gotten lost. But, have no fear, Aunt Jackie found a new one! And so the tradition continues....

.....BUT there is also an inside joke between the Miami crew and Dad G involving pickles, so Dad G got a little confused. 

He thought the fake poop was a fake pickle and pretended to eat it! 

This, of course, made a funny gag gift just that much funnier!!

Such a fun celebration! 

It was great to be able to celebrate this sweet man. Dad G is the kind of guy that doesn't like a whole lot of attention. He prefers to be behind the scenes...even this party was more party than he really wanted. He is thoughtful and caring - always making sure we are safe and have what we need. He shows love through acts of service and I am convinced that he can fix anything! He has a gentle and calming personality, yet he is so funny!! He loves to make us laugh and then laughs along with us! We are all so blessed that he is a part of our family! 

Happy Birthday, Pop-Pop! And many more!!!

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