Friday, April 15, 2016

Easter 2016

We had a fun and exciting Easter this year! 

On Friday we went to our Homeschool Prepare and Share gathering where the kids all shared a project from the month. Then they performed an Easter Reader's Theater and had a picnic. We ended the gathering with an Easter Egg Hunt!

Faith found one egg and was happy. She thought the hunt was over once you found one! 

Finally she understood that she was supposed to find as many eggs as she could! 

 Here is our Prepare and Share group:

And one with the Mommys, too!

These ladies have become such close friends over the 3 years that we have been homeschooling together. I couldn't ask for a lovelier circle of friends (both inside and out)!

On Saturday we died eggs.

Byron is such a trooper. Arts and Crafts are one of his least favorite things to do. But he participates with a smile - every time. :)

On Sunday morning we got up VERY early for the sunrise service at the park. Here is our quick but cute and festive breakfast: 

The Sunrise Service was COLD and very windy! We have started an MBF Drama group and our first performance was at the service, so we had to be there. I'm glad it was a short drama! And I am quite sure the congregation that showed up was glad it was short, too. It was such a powerful message, though, that I linked an iPhone video of it here for you to watch as well. 

After the Service we met some sweet friends for coffee and hot cocoa at Starbucks and then headed to regular service. After church we had barbecue lunch and our own Easter Egg Hunt. Luckily, the weather warmed up and the wind stopped by then! 

Faith found the PRIZE EGG!!

Each kiddo received a small kite in their Easter Basket and so that afternoon we took them to go fly them! 

It was a relaxing and fun way to spend Resurrection Sunday!! 

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