Wednesday, August 26, 2015

9 months a Serna

This Monday marked 9 months since Faith was placed in our arms! Crazy how fast 9 months can go! 

Last week we went to Scottish Rite Hospital for another visit - the last appointment there was a little disappointing. Her right foot had started curving again and she was walking with it twisted in. We were given physical therapy exercises to do with her 3 times a day, we had to keep her in the braces and she was given braces with a bar attached to sleep in at night. THIS appointment was good!! Her foot still has a slight curve (but it is getting better) and she is walking with her toes pointed to the front! Their main concern now is that her lower leg muscles are very under-developed from being in casts and braces for so many months. 


No more braces during the day!! (Insert happy dance here.)

So, to celebrate, I thought I would post the pictures of her journey through the casts and braces!

Before casts:

Her first set of casts:

The second set:

The third set:

After surgery:

AFO braces:

Night braces (don't the look comfy? NOT!):

Faith was so happy to get to go to the shoe store and buy new "princess" shoes! Here are her feet now:

What a journey! She has come so far in just 9 months and she is a CHAMP!! 
I am working on a video showing her progression in will amaze you!!

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