Monday, August 3, 2015

8 months a Serna!

8 months ago, on the 25th, this precious girl officially became a Serna! 

She is growing so, so quickly. It is much like watching an infant grow in fast forward. And OH BOY, is her personality growing, too!

When she smiles so hard her eyes disappear, it completely melts me!

The big milestone this month has been potty training!! 

Faith's GI doctor told us that she may not be able to be potty trained. Because of her Hirschsprung's Disease, he thought she may not be able to control her bowels. 
We have found out that Faith likes to prove doctors wrong! By the second day of potty training, she was using the big girl potty like a pro. She still has the occasional accident, but she is doing AWESOME!!! 

This little dynamite of a girl has completely and totally turned our world upside down and inside out in just 8 short months - and we love every minute of her!!

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