Thursday, July 16, 2015

4th of July part 3 - Fireworks!

If you can't tell from the number of Fourth of July entries - we had a busy - but FUN 4th of July!

After our lunch and cookie contest we went out to Papa Serna's property to shoot fireworks. We got there WAY before the sun was down.

So the girls had time to dance in the sunset...

Byron prepared the fireworks.

Mig prepared a perfect viewing spot. 

And I took lots of pictures, loving the golden hour of light!

Faith's 1st Fourth of July was turning out to be a blast!

Daddy gave Gabe a lesson on lighting fireworks safely and let him help!

Finally it was dark enough and we all enjoyed the show!!

The kids loaded the van saying that it was the best 4th of July EVER! 

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