Monday, July 6, 2015

Selah is Seven!!

Today is Selah's 7th birthday!!!

This year she asked for a camera - and so we decided to have her use my vintage Canon as a prop. 

Imagine my pride when she asked for a camera for her birthday!! 

I can truly say I don't have a favorite of my kiddos. BUT she is my favorite to photograph by a landslide. She is so naturally photogenic and loves doing photo shoots!

Selah is our caring, thoughtful and sensitive one. She feels deeply about many things and gets emotional easily. She is sweet and compassionate. 

She laughs easily and has the best giggle EVER!

I cannot believe she is 7 - she is becoming such a BIG girl!

She is a little Momma - she has taken the role of big sister to heart and is always finding ways to help her little sibling. 

Selah is a JOY! Happy Birthday, sweet Selah!!

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