Thursday, July 16, 2015

4th of July part 2 - GiGi's Second Annual Cookie Bake-Off

GiGi loves cooking with the grandkids. Last year she had a Cake Box Cookie Bake-Off for them and it was a success, so we did it again this year!

The contest took place after lunch on the 4th of July.

Here are the entries:

Gabe's Patriotic Whoop Whoops:

Selah's Watermelon Splash:

Mig's Ninja Turtle Cream:

Charli Kate's Chocolate Chip (they were pink chocolate chip cookies with lemon icing - very tasty):

Adrik's Smore's Cookie:

(By the way - this is apparently Adrik's new "cheese" face.)

Tali's Pool Party Cookie:

Faith's Strawberry Cream Cheese Cookie:

They were ALL super yummy this year.... last year Gabe made his with green mints inside and they tasted a lot like nasty cough syrup - but this year was so hard to choose the best!!

After all the votes were in......

Selah won for the 2nd year in a row! She is now the undefeated Cookie Bake-Off Champion!!

Adrik won 2nd place and Gabe won 3rd.

GiGi and all her little cooks:

And a rare picture when all 7 grandkids are actually looking at the camera AND SMILING!!

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