Thursday, June 25, 2015

School is OUT!

We have completed another year of homeschooling!! This year we had 2 end of year parties. The first one was with our Prepare and Share group. This is a group of 6 homeschooling families that meets together once a month for the kids to share one thing they have learned and to have some fun play time. 

First, each child shared an end of year project. Gabe did a science experiment on electrical conductors.

Selah gave a report on Florence Nightingale.

Mig read from a phonics book. (I am so proud he is learning to read!!)

Faith counted to 4....we just couldn't quite get 5 before the party. 

Then, we had a hot dog cook out and ended the party with a crazy shaving cream fight!!

The boys targeted each other from the start!

It was what you would call good, clean, fun!!
Here is our group of crazy kids:

Our official last day of school was June 19th. Here is all of us on the first day of school this year:

And the last day:

I love that there is a new little face in the picture!!!

When Daddy got home on the last day of school, each child presented something they learned from the year. Faith showed Daddy that she knows her body parts. 

Mig read a short book.

Selah read a poem.

And Gabe did a Wideo (kind of like a slideshow) on x-rays.

Our summer project this year was to learn about the presidents of the United States. The kids learned this song to memorize all 44 presidents in order. 

They each also presented a report on one of the presidents. 

Then the principal /Daddy handed out Certificates of Completion.
Faith's says she is ready for Preschool.

Mig will start Kindergarten in the fall.

Selah will start 3rd grade.

Gabe will start 5th grade!

I've got to say...I have the cutest little class ever!! I really do love homeschooling them!!!

We ended the party with pizza and diplomas!

Well - after we wrestled Daddy for them. He REALLY loves Swiss Cakes.....

What a great school year! We added a new kid to our class and learned so much! I am so proud of these kiddos and am already looking forward to our next First Day of School!

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