Thursday, June 11, 2015

Meet "Baylor"!

Gabe has been begging us for a dog for a very long time now. Byron has also been wanting a dog. The two of them got Mig and Selah into the act. I had very valid excuses for awhile for why we shouldn't get a dog. At first it was because we were about to take a very long trip to China. We would have to get a dog sitter. Then the excuse was that Faith was adjusting to her new home and it wasn't a good time to bring a dog into the picture. Next, the excuse was that Faith had casts on her legs and wouldn't be able to get away from a playful puppy. Well, I finally ran out of excuses and we got a new family member. 

This boy and his dog could not be happier!

I have to admit. He is ADORABLE! He is a black lab puppy. He is just 9 weeks old. 

We have named him Baylor after our alma matters, Byron's hospital (Baylor Heart Hospital)  and because when he grows up, he is going to be as big as a bear!!

He is sweet and so smart! He loves the kids and loves to snuggle.

How cute is he!?!?

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