Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Rock Solid Performance!

We spent the last week of July at our church's Kids Praise Choir Camp. Each year the kids choirs learn and perform a musical in one week. It is amazing. This year I co-directed the Mini-Camper - 3 to 6 year olds. They were so precious!!

My Mig was part of my choir! I love how he is focused and singing here!

He also was part of an ensemble.

After the Mini-Camp performance, the big kids performed their musical - Rock Solid.

Gabe was part of the drama as a joke-telling hiker.

Selah was a dancer.

Both big kids also sang in the choir. The following pictures were taken by the fabulous Cynthia Burtch.

Mig was in the big kid musical as the skunk who scared the hikers! This was the most precious part of the play!!


Celebrating that they made it to the top of the mountain:

Both choirs did an outstanding job!! It was a week full of Gospel learning, Praise raising and mostly, FUN!!!

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