Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A Special Sewing Project

For my birthday this year I asked for a new sewing machine. My new machine is awesome! It is an embroidery/sewing machine and it makes sewing so easy! Since my machine is so easy to use and so much more reliable than the old one, I started teaching Selah to sew. 

She has really caught on and enjoys sewing with me! This summer she worked on a special project. Her Aunt Nicol had saved some of PawPaw Serna's old pull-overs and polo shirts and had envisioned having someone make them into pillows. She asked Selah if she thought she would be able to do sew them for her. Last weekend Selah finished the final of 6 pillows and we sent them to her Aunt Nicol. 

They turned out beautifully!! Selah did an amazing job! What a neat project, full of love and memories! 

It is so fun to be able to teach my little girl how to sew and now to be able share a hobby with her!! 

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