Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Antiques and Autos

Denton hosts an Antiques and Autos Car Show every fall. We went two years ago, but missed last year. This year, we stopped by after the Heart Walk. 

Gabe thought this car was super cool. 

They have all kinds of cars. Some are fully restored, some are a work in progress. Byron pointed out that there were no Cutlass's, though! He plans to change that next year. 

This car even had a Transformer Emblem. Being the photo loving momma that I am, I asked Gabe to lean against the car....Byron told me later that that is a car show no, no. Opps!

I told Mig to let me know which car he wanted a picture with. Would't you know he picked out the worn out Chevy truck! 

Baylor enjoyed the car show and tons of attention. I am used the the kids getting a lot of attention when we go out - especially Miss Faith, but that is nothing compared to the attention this puppy gets! You would have thought he was a celebrity! 

Occasionally there is a car the kids can hop in or climb on. This Antique Fire Truck was a big hit with my kids!

 Between the Heart Walk, the car show, and a friend's birthday party later; it was a fun and full day!!

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