Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Home 4 Months

On Easter Sunday Faith will have been home for 4 months. March 24th was 4 months since Faith was placed in our arms. I told Byron that it is hard to believe that we have only known this child for 4 months. 

New this month is phrases! She can now say, "Momma, I need diaper change!" when she is dirty (potty training is happening as soon as those casts are off!), "More milk, please." and her favorite new phrase is, "Oh My Gosh!!" SO FUNNY!! Her doctor is very impressed with her verbal skills. 

The smiles above are the best ever; the ones where her smile is so big, her eyes disappear!! Love it! 

What a blessing to watch her grow, develop, and change right before our eyes! Adoption rocks!

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