Monday, March 23, 2015

New Boots!

On Tuesday Faith and I headed back over to Texas Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas for her second set of casts. The doctor was very impressed by how well her feet are doing in the casts and she gave us some great news! Because of how well her feet are responding, she will only need one more set before her surgery! This is amazing! We were told to expect 6 casts, then when her first set was put on, the doctor told us, probably less than 6 - now we are at 3 casts! Half the casts expected!! 

Last time I decorated Faith's casts with ballet slippers. This time she got Cowboy boots!! 

Now she is an official Texan! LOL!

Faith's surgery is scheduled for April 13th. Then she will wear her final set of casts for 4 weeks while she recovers from her surgery. Before we know it she will be walking, running and jumping!! Praise the Lord!

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