Monday, March 9, 2015

Home 3 Months

 It is hard to believe that Faith has already been home for 3 months! She is changing, growing and learning so fast!! For the other kids I did portraits once a month for their first year of life. For Faith I am doing portraits once a month for her first year home. 

Here she is on Gotcha Day:

One month home:

Two months home:

And now 3 months home:

The above picture is so meaningful to us. If you haven't read this post about how the ladybug and the sunflower were a sign to us to say yes to her file, you will have to go read it. It is an amazing story of God's hand and faithfulness in our journey to adopting Faith. 

Faith's new thing this month is babbling. She can tell quite the story using hand motions and facial expressions, but no words that we can understand. It is adorable!!

She is up to 23 pounds now! This is great considering that she was not quite 19 pounds when she was placed in our arms!

Though she babbles to tell a story, she also has some English words. She can say please and thank you, Momma, Dada, Selah, Bubba, baby, drink, milk, eat, flower, and a few more. This month she is learning to count and how to identify her body parts. A new word this month is "Miggy". Usually it is used in her favorite phrase, "No, Miggy". Poor Mig. Ha!

She is adorable and such a blessing! She is fitting into our family perfectly!

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