Monday, April 27, 2015

Home 5 Months

Saturday marked 5 months since Adoption Day!! My, how Faith has changed in these 5 months!

Her hair is longer and shinier and her eyes are brighter!

She LOVES to be outside - and especially to swing!

She is stubborn - or maybe it is nicer to say tenacious. Mig was mischief with a smile - she is stubborn with a smile!!

Her casts are NOT holding her back from anything. She can crawl as fast as she could walk before casts and is even walking in the casts a bit!

The biggest change is that she loves Daddy! One evening Byron was working on taking down our formal dining table to put a desk in it's place. Faith thought she needed to help!

Cuddles count as helping -right?!?

Is this the tool you need, Daddy?

This is the same child that screamed and cried when Daddy had to hold her for 5 minutes so I could go to the restroom 5 months ago. She would just cry if he got too close! Now, she trusts him so much, she can sleep in his arms.

So much has changed!

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