Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter Shoes

 This Tuesday, Faith and I made our bi-weekly trip down to Scottish Rite Hospital for yet another set of casts. 

Her feet are doing so well!! Look how straight they are after just 2 sets of casts!!

She was able to wiggle her feet and legs for about 20 minutes before she got her new casts. She didn't attempt walking and did not like crawling on her bare knees. 

Her doctor came in and said, "Now those are not clubbed feet any longer!" Praise the Lord!! One foot still needs a little over correcting, though. 

I was thinking about making some high-top converse for her casts this time, but then I remembered that this is Easter Sunday - she needed Easter shoes! So, I gave her mary-janes with glittery circles and ruffle socks (by the time I got to the socks, she was quite finished with my drawing, so they look a little funky but still cute.). 

She loves the sparkle!

We are still on schedule for surgery on April 13th - it's just around the corner now!

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