Friday, June 27, 2014

Fun new vintage lenses!!

On our way back from San Antonio in May, Byron and I stopped at a Flea Market! What fun!! Aisles and aisles of random antiques, treasures and, well, a lot of junk! I ended up buying a hanging plate rack, a clock for the girl's room and my biggest treasure - vintage photography stuff!!

I ended up getting a steal on a 1970's camera and 4 lenses! THEN when I got home and showed my parents my find, my Dad G. pulled out his old 1970's minolta with a leather case and more lenses!!

Last week I bought a lens adapter from Amazon to be able to mount these lenses on my Canon EOS. As soon as it came in, I went outside and started shooting!! 

These are from the Canon Reflex 500mm 1:8 zoom lens. It is hard to get sharp focus, but that depth of field is amazing!!

The next two are from the Canon 70 - 210 mm - LOVE this lens! I wouldn't use it for portraits, but so  great for shooting for fun!

I'm sure I will be taking these lenses out to play more soon!!

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