Tuesday, June 10, 2014

More from San Antonio

On our second full day in San Antonio Byron and I spent some time with some friends that just moved to San Antonio. Then we went to lunch at Los Patios - which is beautiful and has shops and a nature trail nearby. That evening we saw a movie - Godzilla! 

The next day we headed out to the Japanese Tea Gardens. For some unknown reason, it is called the Japanese Tea Gardens, but you are greeted with an elaborate sign that welcomes you to the "Chinese Tea Garden". HA!!

When Memaw and Papaw lived in San Antonio, Papaw would take my sister and me to the Tea Gardens at least once a year. At one time there was a sky ride that would go from the entrance of the zoo and over the Tea Gardens (some call them the "Sunken Gardens"). The sky ride is no longer there, but the gardens are still serene, beautiful and a great site seeing activity!

We battled the rain on our visit, but it was still so beautiful!

Byron took the camera from me again. I tell you - I am so much more comfortable behind the camera, but I love how this next picture turned out! 

I even got a few of my handsome guy!

Beside the garden is the Sunken Garden Amphitheater, which is still in use today. On the day we visited, it was not being used, so we snuck up on stage!

That evening, Byron made dinner reservations at the Chart House Restaurant which sits at the very top of the Tower of Americas.

I had really wanted to get a picture of us standing in front of the tower before we walked in to send to the kids, but as we approached the tower it began raining. I was pretty disappointed that we didn't get the picture I was hoping for, but as we ascended the tower on the elevator, we looked out to see the most beautiful rainbow! We ended up being seated with an amazing view of the rainbow over the city of San Antonio. Talk about romantic!! Byron couldn't have planned it any better if he had tried!

The restaurant rotates very slowly around the tower so that during your meal you get a 360 degree view of San Antonio. The food was so good! It was definitely a night to remember!

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