Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Good-bye, sweet friend

This week Gabe had to say good-bye to his pet lizard, Leia. 

Leia the Leopard Gecko became a part of our family in January 2012. Gabe had studied all about lizards and after much research, decided that a leopard gecko would be the perfect pet for him. He saved up his commission and bought her with his own money. Unfortunately, Leia got sick this winter and never fully recovered. 

Gabe of course, was very sad, but knows that now she is not sick any longer. She taught him how to be responsible for a living creature not to mention everything he learned about lizards by observing her for the last 2 years. 

Gabe chose where to bury her and dug the hole for her body.

He laid her to rest.

Then he let his siblings help to bury her.

He even painted a head stone for her.

She even had a special guest at the ceremony!

Gabe then told us about his memories of her. He talked about her beautiful yellow coloring, the time she bit daddy, bringing her home from the pet store, how she would wag her tail before pouncing on a cricket and how much he loved having her as a pet. 

Leia was a great pet and will be missed. 

"Leia S. Serna You were a good pet."
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