Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Adoption thoughts

Well, I have no adoption updates. I have been reading blog after blog and looking at timelines. It seems that most China Special Needs adoption timelines look something like a Log in Date of the 15th and a match around the 28th. Even our social worker had a timeline like that. I really was expecting a very fast referral (match) once our dossier was logged in, but now we have waited over a month. It is hard not to be discouraged.

It is amazing how God has revealed different parts of himself to us during this process though. First we learned a whole new level of trusting in Him. We really feel like this is a leap of faith. We have to trust that he will provide the money to cover the adoption, that He will place the perfect child for our family into our hands and that we will have everything we need to raise that child. 

Next, we are learning patience in God's timing. I came to a realization the other day that God loves that little girl even more than I do now and more than I ever will and that He will reveal her to us in His perfect timing. 

Speaking of love, I am just amazed at how much our whole family already loves this nameless, faceless child. How is it possible to love someone you don't know - at all? That got me to thinking. God loves each of us. And more than that, He loved us before we knew Him. He loves us before we love Him. And we love because He first loved us. Just like we love that little one before she even knows that we are here waiting for her and loving her. 

This is a weird stage to be in. For about a year we were actively working on adoption things, paper work, biographies, etc. Now all of that is finished and we just sit and wait. 

While we wait, we prepare our hearts and we prepare our home. Last night I finished a baby blanket I have been working on since last fall. I hope she likes the color pink.

We have been collecting things for her as well. My sister gave me a lot of clothes that her girls have grown out of and a convertible crib/toddler bed. 

We are even planning her room. She and Selah will share a room. One day while we were out Selah found this print:

Selah decided when she saw it that she wanted to make an owl room for her and her little sister. She said the owls in this picture are her and her "Mei-Mei". 

So we wait, and we pray, and we learn whatever God wants us to learn while we are waiting. And we know, one day, the call will come that our little one has been found and we have our match. And then, a little later, we will bring her home to her forever family. 

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