Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas 2013

What a blessed Christmas we had! The Stepanovs came over to help us celebrate - and we always have fun when they are around! 

We started out on Christmas Eve by making home-made pizzas for dinner. 

After dinner we decorated sugar cookies...

We also baked chocolate chip cookies for Santa. We had home-made hot chocolate and then opened Christmas Eve gifts. (We have one gift to open per person on Christmas Eve and it is always pajamas - so that we can have a Christmas Eve pajama party!) Then we all changed into our pjs and watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas. 

The next morning the kids ran downstairs to see if Santa had come.

We opened gifts....lots of gifts.

Tali is loving Spiderman this year. She couldn't wait to see if Santa had brought her a "Spectacular Spiderman" toy. 

And don't worry - the Hulk didn't crash our Christmas...this is just Adrik.

We then moved on to our stockings which were completely filled with goodies....

and underpants...

Adrik decided all of his stocking loot needed to by lined up to appreciate it more. Good job little guy!

It was a beautiful day - so after we were dressed and ready for the day we headed to the park and took a nice Christmas hike.

Such a fun, messy, and loud Christmas. Hope yours was too!

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