Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Getting ready for the Grand Prix

The AWANA Grand Prix is just around the corner! Both Gabe and Selah are entering the pine car derby this year - so on Saturday we went to the workshop to start working on their cars. 

Last year Gabe went for style - he had a very creative lizard car last year. Unfortunately, the lizard car moved about as fast as our lizard, Leia - which is not very fast. (Evidently this is why leopard geckos make good pets for kids - they can be caught and held easily!) This year, Gabe is going for speed! He designed his car with a low profile after seeing that other "flat" cars went fast in last year's race. 

Selah wanted to make a hot pink VW van. She and Byron worked hard at rounding out the body and then Byron lightly traced the design onto the body for her to paint. I decided that we would get started painting the cars on Monday as part of our art lesson for the week. While working with Gabe on his stripes, Selah saw bright pink paint and started painting everything on her car pink. Then she decided to paint the back part black….most of Byron's careful design is now covered by black and pink paint. She is going to incorporate some groovy peace, flower and heart stickers into her design. This car/van will be all her! 

I'll post more pictures as the cars are finished and of course - I will keep the blog updated on how the race goes! They will be racing their creations on February 15th! 

By the way, I have added a new feature to my blog! Toward the top of the left hand column, you will see a place where you can sign up to follow this blog by email. Each time I post, you will get an email with the post sent right to your inbox. Signing up will not cause you to get any junk mail - just my posts. I have tried it myself for the last month or so and it is great! You can always remove yourself from the emails if you get bored with me! This is a great way to keep up to date on our adoption and the kid's lives. 
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