Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Best of 2013

Wow! What a year 2013 was....and I can't believe it is already over!  We had some great moments of fun and sad moments as we had to say good-bye to sweet family members.  For our last post of 2013, we wanted to reflect on the good times we had this year so Byron, the kids and I have made a list of our favorite moments of 2013.

#12 - Byron and I celebrated 15 years of marriage on June 20th. We hired a babysitter and headed to Downtown Denton for a super nice dinner and window shopping. 15 years with my best friend...I am totally blessed!

#11 - Going to the Texas State Fair. What a fun time!
#10 - Dad Serna's retirement party. It was so nice being able to celebrate everything he did in his professional life. What a man!

#9 - Memaw and Papaw's Anniversary dinner. This would be their last anniversary together. It was a sweet time to celebrate 60 years of marriage.

#8 - Selah lost her first tooth! She is growing so much!

#7 - Our family vacation to San Antonio. We had SO MUCH FUN!!

#6 - Selah's dance camp. It was so precious to see her dancing!!

#5 - Gabe plays Simon Peter!

#4 - Getting a new piano. I have wanted a baby grande piano for as long as I can remember...and in April we found a bought a used one. All 5 of us have enjoyed playing the piano and our house has a perfect front room that seems like it was built just for a piano!

#3 - Becoming home owners again. In late October our landlords gave us notice that when our lease was up they would not be giving us the option of renewing because they were wanting to put the house on the market. That left us with a big decision - do we start packing up or should we buy the house? We had to spend a lot of time in prayer. Moving would mean we would need to find a house asap, spend money on moving costs, etc... not to mention a new home study for our adoption. Buying would mean we would have to use some of the money we had set aside for adoption costs on a down payment. After much prayer we did decide to buy the house. The landlords sold it to us at a great price and had some major repairs done. We ended up being able to come to closing with less than the downpayment due to the great lender we had...God blessed us all around. We are still needing about $7,000 - $10,000 for our adoption, but are trusting that God will provide in His way and timing. 

#2 - NO MORE DIAPERS (well, until our Little One gets here). That's right - Mig is completely potty trained - even at nights!! YAHOO - Big shout out to our little guy!

#1 - Adoption Approval and process!! Our big excitement of the year has been our Adoption Approval in May, our Home Study approval in October and all of the ground work we have done for the adoption of our little girl. Now we look forward to 2014 with great anticipation as (hopefully) this new year we will be matched to our little one and be able to travel to China to bring her home. 

Happy New Year!
The Serna Family

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