Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Time with San Antonio Friends

While we were in San Antonio we also got to hang out with some really good friends! We have been friends with the Featherston family since before we all had kids and have maintained a friendship over the years and over the miles. We are so blessed to have them in our lives. 

Our kids always get along so well, too! It is so much fun to spend time together. Here is their youngest, Graham giving Mig a ride:

Selah playing on their swing:

We were able to help Jonathan celebrate his birthday while we were there. In keeping with the week's theme, he had a mustache Fiesta! We did Cascarones (hollow eggs filled with confetti that you break on each other's heads) 

And we channeled our inner Mariachi Band members by donning mustaches instead of party hats!

The kids were soooo cute with their mustaches! From left to right - Caedmon-5, Mig-2, Selah -4, Averianna- 9, Gabe - 7, and Graham -3. 

What a FUN, FUN evening! I can't wait to see these guys again!

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