Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sea World Shows

The shows at Sea World are so amazing! It is crazy how they can entertain everyone at the same time. We were able to make it to all but one show and enjoyed them all. 

Gabe and Byron sat in the splash zone at every show. Selah wanted to stay safely dry. Mig took turns in each area. 

Mig was SOOOOO excited to see Elmo at Sea World. When we were planning our trip, I told the kids we would be visiting the Alamo. Mig misunderstood and thought we would be visiting Elmo. Much to our surprise, we DID visit Elmo! This was by far Mig's favorite show of the day! Elmo Rocks!:


And of course, we saw Shamu. This was my favorite show (always is). Those whales are completely majestic. 

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