Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sea World Rides

While at Sea World we were able to do a few amusement park rides. This was Gabe's favorite part of Sea World. We started with a little Ferris Wheel. 

Next, we tried something a little faster. Selah was a little bit apprehensive. She almost decided to wait with Daddy.  

The ride started out OK.......

BUT, halfway through, Selah was wishing she had sat this one out....

Her face is priceless here! Poor baby!

 After that ride, she decided that Carousel Horses are more her thing.

Gabe, however, loves thrill rides. While we were on the carousel, Gabe and Daddy were riding the Shamu Express Roller Coaster. Then he went on again, with me.

We also went on the water raft and he wanted to do a big roller coaster with Daddy, but it closed once we got to the line. :(

We had a blast at Sea World and are hoping to go back one day!!
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