Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Awana's Awards Ceremony

This October Gabe and Selah joined our church's Awana group and LOVED every minute of it. At the beginning of May we went to their Awana Award Night. They proudly wore their decorated vests.

Selah received a Cubby Award for completing her book. Since we joined in October, most weeks we were memorizing two, sometimes 3 verses a week so that she could catch up. She did so well!

Gabe received both his year 1 and year 2 book awards (though they forgot to order his year 1 award). I am so proud of this little guy. He decided not only to catch up, but got ahead. In less than one year he completed two books and almost completed the third! 

They are looking forward to August when Awana starts back up!

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