Thursday, October 18, 2012

More Southfork Pictures

Here are some more pictures I took while on our trip to Southfork Ranch. 

The first thing you do when you get to Southfork is ride this tractor and trailer around the grounds as the driver points out where certain scenes were shot and explains some of the camera tricks they use to make the house and land look larger than it is. The kids LOVED this part of the tour!

Gabe and Selah decided to do a super hero pose - so Mig and I joined the fun!

The tractor ride ends at the mansion where you are shuffled into a front room and given a little discourse about the history of the show and the ranch. After the presentation, you are free to roam the house and the grounds as long as you would like. The show is not actually filmed inside the house, in fact the interior looks  nothing like the interior of the house, but they have set up the rooms to reflect the personalities of the tv characters, which is fun.

The veranda has been used on the show and is has a beautiful view of the ranch and the pool:

This is Elana's house from the new series:

There are also two gift shops where you can purchase your own stetson just like JR's:

Such fun!!

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