Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Homeschool Spirit Week

The week of September 24 - 28 was the first ever International Homeschool Spirit Week! We had so much fun showing our homeschool spirit all week long! We started out by watching a YouTube Pep-Rally on our Apple TV and making our own Spirit Posters.
On Monday we showed spirit by having Crazy Hair Day! We sprayed Mig and Gabe's hair red, Selah's hair was purple and my hair was full of crazy, bright hair ribbons.
(However, it was actually Homeschool Away from Home Day. Gabe had been really wanting to do crazy hair, so we just changed it. I guess that is part of the flexibility of homeschooling. Though we didn't homeschool away from home, we did go out into the gazebo to do our craft.)

On Tuesday we celebrated Comfy Cozy Day by putting every pillow we own on the living room floor and covering them with blankets. We did school work there in our pjs!

Wednesday was crazy sock day:
On Thursday we had Mismatch Day.

The final day of homeschoool spirit week was Twin Day. Selah dressed up as your's truly:
The boys dressed in matching pjs!

It was a super fun week! We can't wait to participate again next year!!

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