Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Meet our Fish!

Get ready for a long involved story of our new pets....

Two weeks ago Byron and I decided that it might be fun for the kids to go to PetsMart. We have been tossing around the idea of getting some fish for awhile and Gabe has really been wanting a pet (really he wanted a lizard - but any pet would do). So we ended up getting an aquarium and three glo-fish. Gabe and Selah were soooo excited! By the time we got home that evening we had just enough time to set up the aquarium and then put the kids to bed.

Well, even though we followed all of the directions on conditioning the water and getting the fish used to the temperature, the ammonia level in our water must have been toxic to those poor fish. They didn't even make it 30 minutes in the new aquarium. We spent the rest of the week taking water samples into PetsMart trying to get the levels right before bringing anymore fish home.

Finally our levels seemed good and we brought home two new fish - although we decided to get goldfish this time.

Introducing Dorsey (the one with the orange spot) and Rachel:

Funny story - On the way home from the pet store Gabriel said, "My fish must be a girl. It was the prettiest fish in the aquarium. I think I will name it Rachel - but without the 'Aunt'."! My sister was very flattered!!

I was so proud of how patient Gabe and Selah were about waiting until the water was just right for the fish. They have been helping feed and take care of them and have loved their new pets!

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