Tuesday, July 19, 2011


As promised here are pictures of the cousins together for the first time at Selah's 3rd Birthday!

The baby boys (Adrik and Miguel) both had tuxedo onesies to be the prince charmings at the princess party. The big boys (Gabriel and Xander) were dressed as knights - but the knight armor wasn't good for holding babies so Gabe's not wearing his garb here.

Gabe and Adrik:

Selah and screaming Adrik:

 The baby girls had tiaras on their headbands and Rachel made sweet tutus for them to wear - they were precious!

Princess Tali: (Daddy had her tiara on upside down - so she looked a little more like a flapper than a princess - but still adorable!)

Princess Charli Kate snuggling to Devon:

Charli Kate cuddling with Aunti M and cousin Miguel. Miguel was asleep on my lap but woke up and gently reached up and touched Charli Kate's hand. SWEET moment!! Look how HUGE Miguel looks compared to tiny CK!

All of the cousins together - boy was that shot tricky, but oh, such cuteness all in one picture!

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