Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Serna Kids are ROCKIN WITH RHETT

Rockin with Rhett is a Christian Kid's Rock band. They are teamed up with a ministry called Eleos Operation Inspiration. At their shows kids get to "Rock" with Rhett!
They pull kids out of the crowd, put them in costumes backstage, make them part of the show, and then explain that just how the costume came to life when they got in it, they will come to life when they experience
God's very special role for them in their life.

The show is fun, the music is original and catchy (yet not at all annoying like some kid's songs can be), and the message is everlasting. (You can visit them at rockinwithrhett.com for more information.) 

Rhett and Nathan of Rockin with Rhett go to our church and this year, they provided the music for AWANAS. At the beginning of the month, they invited kids from our church to be with them in their new music video!  

It was a lot of fun for the kids to be a part of the video! They had a blast!! Here is Selah rocking her air guitar! 

The video turned out so great!! You can watch it below - you will see the camera zoom in on Gabe, and if you look hard you will see Selah and Mig, too. It was a little too loud for Faith, so she stayed with me for a lot of the shooting, but had a lot of fun in the safety of Momma's arms. 

I hope the video blesses you as much as it does us! It is a fun song that will run through your head for many days and reminds me of the power of prayer! We thank Rhett, Nathan, and Eleos Operation Inspiration for giving our kids this amazing opportunity!

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