Wednesday, June 1, 2016


On May 1st and 6th, the kids participated in their AWANAS awards ceremonies. 

Faith was up first!

I was really proud of Faith for doing AWANAS this year! She learned verses and learned that it is ok to do things without mommy being there! I'm sure it helped that two of her best friends were in the room with her!

She was so excited to receive her first book award and final patch for her vest!

And she was not at all afraid of the mascot - Cubbie Bear!

Mig received his first Sparkie award! Doesn't his mohawk look cool?!?

Selah is the youngest and by far the smallest T & T girl (they had to special order her club shirt, which is still quite big on her!). She got her book award and an extra patch for Bible Quiz! 

She LOVES the T &T girls group! 

Gabe received his final T&T boys award, an extra patch for the Bible Quiz and another extra patch for "Truth Trackers" - memorizing a whole chapter from Psalms! 

He also loves being a part of the T&T boys and is so excited to be moving on to Trek next year! 

We absolutely love the AWANAS program. These kids are committing to memory great life verses, but they are also taught what those verses mean. It is priceless. Gabe and Selah have said that they hope to continue on with AWANAS until they graduate high school. I hope they do! 
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