Wednesday, May 4, 2016

More April Birthday Celebrations

On April 2nd Baylor turned 1 year old! He is by far the biggest one year old I know, weighing in a 82 pounds!

He got a new water bowl and a meat bone for his presents. 

On our way home from celebrating the triplets and Pop-Pop's birthday, we took Baylor to the Baylor University campus for some a pit stop. 

I mean pictures.

 On April 15th we celebrated my birthday. 35 + 1. 

This face! HA!! I think this must show how their Birthday Song sounded. So funny! 

The day itself was kind of crazy... it stared out with a trip to the hospital for Faith. She had an abscess that was not responding to antibiotics and had to be drained deeply. She was able to come home by the afternoon and we had dinner, cake and presents. 

 Selah made me a beautiful crocheted sunflower (my favorite of all flowers!).

And Byron wanted a picture, too! 

HA!! Speaking of crazy faces! 

Once dinner and dessert was done, Selah, Gabe and I headed to the Campus Theater and saw an amazing performance of Mary Poppins.

The following weekend Byron took me to The Cheesecake Factory to celebrate, too! Yum!! 

Many thanks to my sweet family for making me feel so special on my birthday. 

PS - Faith is much, much better now. Praise to God!

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