Sunday, May 15, 2016

AWANA Bible Quiz

A few weeks ago Gabe and Selah participated in the AWANA Bible Quiz.

This was Selah's first year. She was so happy to do it with her favorite friend. They were first up for the multiple-choice and speed round and did very well.

The boys went last. Gabe was able to participate with the same team members from last year.

Their team also did great at the speed round.
There is a rule that if one player answers two questions in a row, they are blocked from answering any more questions until someone else from their team answers. Part way through the quiz Gabe answered two questions. The next question his team mate buzzed in. When asked the answer, his team-mate responded with, "I don't know. I'm just getting Gabe out of quiz block." It was hilarious!

When  all of the quizzers were finished, they announced that there was going to need to be a tie-breaker and the girls were called up to participate.

They ended up winning the tie-break round!
Then it was announced that there was another tie. This time the boys were called up with another team from our church (this is a district wide meet).

After tying three times, the boys finally won the tie-breaker!

They waited to see what place they would be awarded:

It was quite intense.

Selah made a 95 on her written test and received a certificate. (They couldn't figure out how to pronounce her name, which she thought was quite funny.)

Gabe made a 90 on his written test and received a certificate.

And then the winners were revealed! The girls received 3rd place!!

The boys ALSO received 3rd place!!
We are so thankful for the coaches who spent so much time and energy preparing these sweet kids!
I think the real winners were the audience members, though. We were able to witness these kids reciting verse after verse and truth after truth. Watching my kids stand up at a microphone and boldly proclaim the Gospel made me cry tears of joy because it was just so beautiful!!
Thank you AWANA!!

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