Friday, May 27, 2016

Cinco de Mayo 2016

We celebrated Cinco de May in true Serna style!

Isn't she the cutest little Asian in a sombrero you have ever seen?!?

We ate tacos, rice, beans and authentic pan dulce that the kids and I picked up from our local carniceria. Then the kids took turns swinging at their hand-made pinatas. 

Last year, Faith was in full leg casts on both legs and I had to hold her so she could hit the pinata. This year, she hit it like a PRO! 

Gabe reminds me of a young Don Quixote here.

We filled the pinatas with fun candy and prizes. 

Finally, we had to get a picture of all of the kids in Papa Serna's old sombreros....they kept hitting each other in the faces trying to squeeze onto the bench! 

We ended the fun evening by Face-timing GiGi and PopPop in Miami. 

We love celebrating all of our kids' cultures, but Cinco de Mayo is always a favorite!  

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