Friday, January 23, 2015

Thanksgiving in China

Gotcha Day was Monday, November 24. Adoption Day was Tuesday, November 25th. We had to stay in Zhengzhou until Saturday, though, because that is how long it takes to get all of the passports and needed documents back. On Wednesday, Faith came down with a fever and Zhengzhou was chilly and rainy. She and I stayed in the hotel all day Wednesday. Byron and one of our travel group mates took a walk and brought back Starbucks! 

On Thursday, Faith's fever and cough had gotten worse. Luckily, our awesome CCAI Representatives were able to get some cough syrup and antibiotics for her. Thursday was also Thanksgiving. Byron received permission from the hotel to play the grand piano in the lobby and led our group in some hymns and praise and worship songs! 

After the singing, we all headed to the dining room where the hotel's chef had prepared turkey, dressing, and cranberry sauce for all of us! 

It was close, but not quite a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. 

Faith loved the stuffing and the sweet potatoes! 

The next morning, we woke up and the piano was gone. In it's place was a huge Christmas tree!

It was another chilly and drizzly day in Zhengzhou. Faith was better, but still not 100%. In fact a lot of the kids had colds, so we met in the hallways for playtime! The kids had fun together playing and sharing snacks. It was a good way to brake up the monotony of the week. Here are a few of Faith's new friends:

That afternoon we received our children's passports and shot records. The next morning we would get up bright and early to head to Guangzhou for the last leg of our journey.

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