Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Guangzhou Day 2

On Monday, December 1, we all took the bus to the clinic to complete our child's visa physical and photo. By this time in our adoption trip, Faith was very much a Momma's Girl. In fact, not only would she not let Byron hold her at all, she also would not let me put her down anywhere in public. Not in a stroller, not in a highchair to eat, not beside me. If I even tried to put her down, screams and tears flowed. My arms were very sore (that 19 pounds gets heavy after awhile). SO, when I put her down in the chair for her visa photo, this is what happened:

Yep - that is our child! 

We had the pictures made downstairs in the clinic (which has a wine vending machine in the lobby - only in China!). After all of the kids had their pictures made, we headed upstairs in a cramped elevator about 10 at a time to have their physicals done. 

Each child made a stop in each "station" checking their vision, hearing, weight and height, and then finally to be checked over by a doctor. 

Again - a big fit because Momma had to put her down! 

Our CCAI representatives again were the heros of the day. The doctor was very concerned about the fact that Faith had been sick with a fever just days before our visa physical. She was also quite concerned at her tiny weight and height for her age. We were drilled by the doctor, but were able to answer her questions with help from our rep and then finally issued an ok. WHEW! 

After her physical, Faith had to have a tuberculosis blood draw. She was taken by a nurse into a room behind closed doors...this was torture for both of us. The next day we received news that her blood test was negative for TB and her visa was completely approved! YAY!! 

That evening, we took a dinner cruise down the Pearl River. 

We had Papa John's pizza delivered to the dock and had a little party!

The couple at our table were Ryan and Annette - with their sons Miles (adopted 3 years ago from Taiwan) and Maddox. They are some of the sweetest people ever! 

From the deck of the boat you could see the beautiful lights along the river - including the Canton Tower - the country's tallest tower. 

The lights on the tower changed color every few minute. 

The lights were just beautiful! 

By this time, Faith still had a cough and I was beginning to get sick. It was drizzling and cold, so she and I didn't stay on the deck for too long. 

Byron took most of these pictures - aren't they lovely?!?

It was a fun way to see Guangzhou by night! 

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