Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Spring Dance Clinic

In the fall Selah participated in a local High School's Dance Clinic and LOVED it. I have a sweet friend that is the director of the Drill Team and she let me know that they were offering another clinic - so of course Selah wanted to sign up! She spent Saturday morning with Drill Team members learning a routine and then presented it to all of the parents at noon. It was adorable!

Here is Selah with a  few team members right before her group's turn to dance:

Here are two of Selah's friends that did the clinic with her. The one on the left is the director's daughter and the one in the middle is another sweet friend's daughter (her dad is the tennis coach at the high school). It is so neat that these girls can grow up doing things together!

And finally - here is the kindergarten performance!

Such a fun time!! 

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